The white Cilento DOP figs

Azienda Agricola Il Fico is a leader in the production and processing of the white Cilento fig. A number varieties of this fig is using special organic cultivation systems that are certified by the respective certification bodies. The variety of this particular fig is called Dottato and the DOP name has been recognized only in Cilento. This is  a very important food type in the Mediterranean diet as it is nourishing, easily digestible and therefore highly recommended for both old and young.

White Cilento DOP figs

The high quality "Bianco Cilento" DOP has unique characteristics. People from all over Italy and abroad appreciate the taste. Produced by Agropoli Farm, the fig has the standard yellow color of the dried fruit peel.  The peel takes on a yellow brown colour, as do other fruits that undergo a similar baking process. This fig variety is sweet to the taste and amber yellow in colour. The pulp has a freshness to it, with large empty spaces, and almost completely filled  internal receptacles. These are rare features for the category. and this is the reason why the "Bianco del Cilento" DOP is such a sought-after product on world markets.
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