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Agricola il Fico is a company operating in the agriculture sector. The company is located in Agropoli, in the province of Salerno. Agricola il Fico pecializes in the production and distribution of dried figs. Il Fico is one of the leading companies in the sector thanks to approximately 8,000 White Cilento DOP trees that are certified by Agroquality S.p.A. (The control body of this DOP product). The production is then dried in the sun and processed as per ancient tradition. The jams, chocolate delicacies or biscuits are made of distillate, and then there is molasses for ice-cream parlors, and confectionery. The company is part of the Control System for Organic Farming.
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Who We Are

The company is located in Agropoli, right in the Cilento National Park and Vallo di Diano, in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region. We strive to bring experience, charisma and personality into our daily work. The constant presence of the owners makes it possible for us to have a direct and friendly relationship with visitors and friends. Our friendliness has become a key element of what makes us so successful as a company. Our people and the surrounding nature combine to offer our clients the best of the best.

Love and Tradition

Production at Bianco Cilento DOP Fico is not merely cultivation aimed at the industrial production of dried figs. The owners are passionately in love with our product. This passion, and the bond that they have with their land, is the secret ingredient that guarantees the high level of quality that is so typical of the fig tradition. This characterizes our production processes and is why our figs are certified.


To ensure that we bring quality and an element of tradition to our customers, Bianco Bianco del Cilento is a DOP branded product and is certified by Agroquality S.p.A., the DOP production control entity. All the products are also certified at a biological level, through a control system designed to guarantee the quality and production for this type of fig cultivation. But that's not all! There is further evidence of the quality and the way in which Agropoli conducts its business. Here are all certifications obtained so far for Azienda Agricola Il Fico:
  •  DOP
  •  Associated with the 5T Academy (Territory - Tradition - Typicality - Traceability - Transparency), a cultural movement that lists companies who support and deliver products that are indigenous to the area..
  •  Signatory to the Italian Excellence Register: promoting and protecting Italian excellence
  •  UNI ISO 9001: Quality management certification
For information and product inquiries, call the following numbers: +39 0974 272032 /+39 3341565679
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