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Directly from the Cilento comes a new delicacy: the Cilento white fig molasses , a product that will sweeten your moments and will surprise even the finest palates.

First, let's find out what it is: it's a filtered Cilento white fig flavor with an intense, gentle, delicate taste. Amber in color, molasses are great for adding to cheeses, roasts, desserts and ice cream.

Excellent with the  Fico Risorto , the White Cilento dove , and  steamed munnati figs.

Bottle: 100 ml

Ingredients: White Cilento DOP

Our production is dependent on the season, so availability is not always guaranteed.

Steamed Figs

The Vaporetti are a tasty variant of the classic white figs of Cilento "munnati" and  steamed, as they are accompanied by the renowned White Cilento Melassa of Cilento, another specialty of our company. 

Obtained from the "Cilento White Fico" - which, for the sake of safeguarding its quality, is considered to be a major DOP - drying is achievedby a slow process of dehydration of the figs in the sun, only after they have been hand peeled, one by one. An art that requires so much passion and respect for tradition, a whole Cilento tradition.

After drying in the sun, the figs are individually selected and  steamed. This type of cooking gives the figs a slightly amber color and a caramel-like smell.

Finally, the roasted and cooked figs are infused with molasses, a blend of  Cilento white figs, with intense, gentle, delicate taste.
According to us "munnare" (peeling) is not a gesture of other times.

Jar: 150 g

Ingredients: a selection of Cilento White figs DOP , Cilento White fig Molasses.

Fico Ventitre

As  a result of Cilento White fig pulp maceration, Fico Ventitre has an attractive purple red color, very lively. Its delicate flavor goes well with mixed cheeses.
Great  with chocolate and cheese.

Alcohol content: 30 °

Bottle: 500ml

Ingredients: Hydroalcoholic solution, sugar, infused and distilled White Cilento fig DOP.


Our production is dependent on the season, so availability is not always guaranteed.

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