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Great success beyond the oceans of AGROPOLI AGRICULTURAL AGRICULTURE

Meeting with the Chinese Governmental Delegation on Cheese Farmers on "White Cilento Biological Doppler Cultivar Dottato"

The farm The Fico hosts at Rai Uno during the episode of A accounts made

Still a success for the farm, the fig tree, which on December 14th, was host to an episode of "A counts made - The word to you" devoted to Italian gastronomic excellence and in particular to the consumption of dried fruit.

Our products have been described and presented during the episode as an example of Italian quality, with particular emphasis on the issues of traceability, quality certification and organic production.

All the qualities that our company possesses and thanks to which it has become a symbol of excellence and representative of a whole territory, the Cilentan.

The registration of the bet is available on the rai site by clicking here.

Panettone Cilentano Sal De Riso: where the two coasts meet

From the combination of local excellence, the Panettone Cilentano, a delicious, sweet Christmas-based Bianco Cilento DOP, almonds, walnuts and wild fennel, is born.

The quality of Cilentane raw materials and the imagination of the well-known master pastry maker Sal De Riso, for a delicious and original product that will delight your Christmas holidays and will surprise even the finest palates.

A "natural leaven" that involves our fig tree, in a continuous evolution of taste and style.

In the wide range of products offered by the Agricola Agricola, the fig tree could not miss a must of Christmas holidays, the panettone, interpreted in the Made in Cilento variant.

The panettone is available in various sizes: 500 gr and 1 kg and - custom - up to 5 kg.

This Christmas celebrate it in our company!

The Exotic Quality Expo Company

In the week between 13 and 19 October, Bianco's products from Cilento DOP will be present at Expo 2015 as part of the Campania Transparent QRCode project, which focuses on the health and quality of the agro-food products in Campania .

At the exhibition grounds of the Market Area of ​​Cascina Triulza, you will be able to know closely the wide variety of delicatessen based on the Bianco Cilento DOP which our company produces through a cultivation and processing process that follows the highest standards of Characteristic qualities of a biological company.

During the week, there will be daily tasting sessions and dedicated spaces where the Bianco del Cilento DOP based products will be exposed to the public by the certification of QR Code Campania.

In particular, our company was invited to preside with a tasting of its products at a press conference for the presentation of the activities carried out under the Campania Transparent Monitoring Plan scheduled for October 19 at 12 noon : 30, in the Media Center of Expò Milano.

The event involves the intervention of the Minister of Health on. Beatrice Lorenzìn and the President of the Campania Region on. Vincenzo De Luca.

There is also the participation of all the units that have contributed to the implementation of the Monitoring Plan, the teachers of the various departments of the University of Naples Federico II of Agraria, Chemistry, Geology, Veterinary, CNR, ENEA, ARPAC, I doctors, II Polyclinic and Pascale, Regional Offices of the Presidency, Departments of Agriculture, Economic Development and Production Activities and Health.

The QR Code Campania Transparent project was born as an institutional intervention, within the Campania SiCura Plan of the Region, to support the products of the agro-food sector falling within its territory, whose image was heavily compromised by the events called "The Land of the Fires ". Through targeted territorial marketing actions, the project has the dual aim of certifying, by means of accredited bodies, the quality and health of products and the territory and communicating it to business operators and consumers with the aim of fueling demand.

This is an important opportunity to enhance the production of the bells and re-position them on the agri-food market with the aim of reaffirming the already recognized salubrity typical of Mediterranean food culture products.

Among the others, the Bianco di Cilento DOP will have the prestigious task of bringing back the image of the agro-food excellence of our region.

V International Symposium on Figs: visiting guests at our company

The V International Symposium on Fig was held in Naples from August 31 to September 3, organized by the Department of Agriculture at the University of Naples Federico II and the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences at the University of Palermo.

In the framework of this internationally important scientific initiative, involving connoisseurs from all over the world, a tour of the Cilento DOP was held in Cilento to discover the White Fico of Cilento DOP.

In the day of 2 September, the farm Il Fico hosted the conveyors at its headquarters. Over the course of the day, more than 100 participants from more than 20 different nations were accompanied on a visit to the Capaccio plantations. Next, the symposium went on business, where prof. Judge welcomed the convoys. Also present is Deputy Deputato Capozzolo who has greeted the organizers including the prof. Caruso and prof. Basile.

A whole White Cilento DOP dinner delighted the connoisseurs: the absolute protagonists are the exquisite panettone with figs masterfully elaborated by the great master Sal De Riso, the artisan gelato with figs with Melassa, and to finish the toast with the Filique Vino Distillato And the Vaporetti, awarded two stars at the Bellavita Award in London's 2015 edition.

After lunch, guests were accompanied in the laboratories and in the greenhouses to see the different stages of preparation, from peeling figs to drying in the sun, practiced by putting the peeled figs and not on the grills. So much the curiosity and enthusiasm of the participants, who have asked many questions about the process of processing the delicious Fico Bianco del Cilento DOP.

Another important acknowledgment for our company, which highlights the appreciation by an audience of international connoisseurs for a genuine and excellent product, cultivated and worked by our company with a mastery, passion and in full respect of the oldest cilentane traditions .

Below is a thank you letter sent to our company by the organizers of the symposium.

V International Symposium on Fig: our company is the protagonist

The V International Symposium on Fig, organized by the Department of Agriculture at the University of Naples Federico II and the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences at the University of Palermo, will be held at the Congress Center of Naples University Federico II from 31 August to September 3, 2015 with the patronage of ISHS and SOI.

The fig culture has spread to southern Italy since the Greco-Roman era, and in particular in the Cilento and in the province of Cosenza has found its cradle of cultivation and in recent times the protection of the PDO brands "Bianco Fico del Cilento "And" Figs of Cosenza "along with the tradition handed down by generations of a transformation into dried figs, but not only that it keeps alive a specialized local industry as well.

The scientific program provides several sessions on the various aspects of the production and transformation of the fig tree. There is also a tour in Cilento (Campania) and a post-symposium tour in the province of Cosenza (Calabria) in the relevant areas of DOP production.

In particular, the organic farm Il Fico will be the protagonist of this very important international event dedicated to the cultivation of fig.

On September 2, from 11.30 am to 2 pm, visitors to the symposium will visit our company in order to look closely at how to collect, process and package Bianco's Cilento DOP products. There will be a lunch based on our delicacies.

Information on the V International Symposium on Fig is available on the dedicated web page:

Great success at the Bellavita Expo for the Bianco Cilento DOP

A roaring success was that obtained from our company at Bellavita Expo, the largest event dedicated to Italian food and wine in the UK.

Cilento's White Fico products have been tasted and appreciated by an audience of over 7,000 visitors from all over the world.

The company also gained an important prize at the Bellavita Awards 2015 for the Food categories with two selected products: the Twenty-five Pike, a White Cilento DOP-based distillate, and the Vaporetti, the original creation of 2015, Which sees the "cooked" figs cooked with steam sprayed with Melassa, a filtered cooked White Cilento DOP.

These two products of excellence, after a preselection and tasting session by a jury of excellence, won two stars with the following average rating:

- Penny Ventitre: 8.14

- And vaporetti: 8.08

"We are very proud of this recognition," said producer Guido Ruocco, "who comes after years of commitment, witnessing that South Italy deserves attention and space in quality circuits."

A success that highlights the appreciation by an audience of connoisseurs at the international level by a product that reflects the authentic Italian "Saper Fare".

The Fico farm will participate in the Bellavita Expo with its products of excellence

19-21 July 2015 London

The biggest event dedicated to Italian Food & Wine in UK

From July 19th to 21st, at the Business Design Center in London, the Bellavita Expo will be held, the largest event dedicated to spreading the Made in Italy food and wine products in the UK.

A privileged platform for the promotion of Italian Products at an international level, on a traveling journey that will also cover other European and world business capitals between 2015 and 2020.

Only selected products that reflect the authentic "Knowing English":
From the artisan shop that wants to internationalize, keeping in mind the traditional methods of production, up to the big brands that are the icon of Made in Italy today in the world.

Among the Italian gastronomic excellences certainly could not miss the appeal of the farm Il Fico, which with its renowned delicacies based on Bianco Bianco of Cilento DOP selected, brings Italy's name overseas.

Our company will welcome visitors with tastings of the wide range of its products: the Heart of Figs to Crispy Pike, Mannola and Leaf Figs, to name a few examples.

He will also participate in the Bellavita Awards 2015 for the Food categories with two selected products: the Twenty-five Pico, a White Cilento DOP-based Distillate, and the Vaporetti, the original creation 2015, which sees figs "molded" Cooked with steam sprayed with Melassa, a filtered cooked White Cilento DOP.

These two products of excellence will be the protagonists of a journey that between preselections and tastings by a jury of excellence will culminate in the final prize.

Cilento's White Figs are the protagonists of the Agro-Food event of Quality

Agropoli 12-13 June 2015

On the 12th and 13th of June, the "Agroalimentare di Qualità" was held, which has been the cornerstone of Cilento, an area that has always valued our agro-food heritage, with quality products that are increasingly appreciated in our country. The event, organized by the Pd Group of the House of Representatives, took place in two days.

Among the exponents of Cilento's excellence, the farm, Il Fico, which every day - thanks to the cultivation and production of White Figs from Cilento DOP - works hard to enhance the Cilento, in full respect of the specifics Of the territory and its traditions.

On Friday, Friday, 12, we started with a visit to our company by a delegation of Pd parliamentarians, who chose to deepen our knowledge of White Cilento products. After a visit to our lands, where our fine tales grow and cultivate with care, the parliamentarians have been led along a path of simulation of the fig tree process. In particular, they assisted in the stuffing of figs in bamboo, fired and stitched in bamboo.

The visit to our company ended with a tasting of all our products, such as Cuor di Fichi biscuits, Mannola, or figs and almond sweets, and other tasty specialties. At the tasting certainly could not miss the freshly baked "Fico Crisciuto" panettone, which all present enjoyed. And, in the end, the "Vaporetti" apricot, cooked steamed steak with Cilento DOP white figs of molasses, where the true and inimitable flavors of the Cilento are exalted, which cleverly conserves the Farm The Fig Tree. Specialties taken from grandmother's recipes, elaborated and revisited in a modern style and reproposed to an evolved clientele compared to the past. And what the words SPECIALITY and TRADITION are really magical to better face our future.

After the tasting, at the hotel Savoy in Paestum, there was a meeting between the protagonists of the agro-food industry and a delegation of parliamentarians Pd.

On the Saturday, 13th, at the John Paul II Hall of the Republic Square in Agropoli, was held the public meeting "Agroalimentare di Qualità: the territory and its excellence protagonist of the economic development. Cilento ", which was attended by the MPs of the Pd Group, as well as representatives of the Democratic Party, the local institutions and the government. To conclude the work, the intervention of the Minister of Agricultural and Food Policies, Martina Maurizio.

Italian Quality Experience: an international showcase

The Azienda Agricola Il Fico has been integrated into the portal Italian Quality Experience, managed by the Chambers of Commerce.

This is an international showcase that, at Expo 2015, aims to present Italian companies internationally and to promote the agro-food excellence of Italy all over the world.

The Extreme Excellence Experience project is coordinated by Unioncamere - the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture with the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and the Ministry Of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and of the Sea.

The card for our company

The White Pearl conquers China

Great success for farm products The fig in China. During the symposium and tasting at the Baoding Agricultural University on March 21, 2015, cultivators, figs traders, and experts in the field learned to appreciate our delicacies.

The Fico farm is organic

The farm Il Fico has been included in the Control System for Organic Farming.

This is an important recognition for white fig products that are cultivated and processed within the company The figs, to further guarantee and to confirm a product of absolute quality and excellence.

Value of values: work.

The pleasure of savoring a fig filled with the aromas of a superior quality repays all the fatigue and all the attention given to the fateful "moment of truth".
In the cultivation, gathering and drying of figs, there are gestures that the maker of Cilento repeats for centuries, acquired and interiorized, but not for this mechanical or casual.
Every step, every decision follows a calendar of "rituals" marked by nature and its processes. Every gesture is dictated by a natural search for quality and awareness to provide industry craftsmanship a great product.

The Farm The fig tree at the XVII edition of BMTA

The Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism confirms an original event of its kind: the seat of the only exhibition in the world of archaeological heritage; A place of deepening and dissemination of themes dedicated to cultural tourism and heritage; A meeting opportunity for job seekers, tourist and cultural operators, travelers, enthusiasts; Business opportunities in the charming location of the Archaeological Museum with the Workshop between foreign demand and the offer of cultural and archaeological tourism.

A successful format attested by the prestigious collaborations of international organizations such as UNESCO, UNWTO and ICCROM, as well as about 10,000 visitors, 130 exhibitors with 25 foreign countries, 50 conferences and meetings, 300 speakers, 250 service providers and 100 journalists.
The Farm The Fico will be present at the Exhibition Hall to celebrate four extraordinary days at the XVII edition in Paestum, in the archaeological area of ​​the ancient city, on 30-31 October 1-2 November 2014.

Azienda Agricola The fig and Yakult together on the summer tour "Breakfast & Benessere"

The summer tour that has seen, side by side, the Agropoli and Yakult Farm, has been successfully completed, touching the main beaches of our beloved country. In addition to the well-known probiotic drink, the lucky ones a day We had the opportunity to enjoy the delicious products of our company at breakfast. Biscuits and jams for precision that, through their genuineness, have conquered the palates of young and old.
It is a success for us and for the territory because the Bianco di Cilento DOP has been able to present itself throughout the national territory with pride and character.
All frames only on institutional channels The Azienda Agricola Il Fico.

As BIO commands

From September 26 to 28, Salerno becomes "City of Wellness" with an event dedicated to all sectors and product sectors, activities, techniques and disciplines that contribute to the achievement and maintenance of the well-being of the person.
Within the event an important area will have "Bio & Surroundings", a neighborhood of the City of Wellbeing devoted to quality food and gastronomy. Expected labs and tasting points; Information and insights on the topics of healthy and proper nutrition, valorisation of territorial typologies, natural nutrition, organic products, and zero-kilometer feed.
The focus of this event in the event will be Cibbio Event: tours, tastings, art and culture encounters as "bio commands", where you will find the product range of Azienda Agricola Il Fico.

We will be present at SIAL PARIS from 19 to 23 October 2014.

'Azienda Agricola The fig tree will be present in a collective organized by the Campania Region at SIAL 2014, scheduled from 19 to 23 October in the charming setting of the Parc d'Exposition de Paris-Nord Villepinte.
The event, which is held every two years, is dedicated to displaying the entire range of food products, including wines and beverages, and, alternatively, at ANUGA Fair in Cologne (biennial in odd years), the most An important trade fair for the global segment.
With the participation in the SIAL Paris 2014 edition, we intend to consolidate the commercial positions already acquired on the European market and to foster the knowledge of our products with an increasingly qualified and diversified presence of the food and wine specialties of Agriocola Il Fico.

QRCode Campania. Security is a simple gesture.

The QR-Code project aims to ensure greater transparency for consumers. For us it is a valid tool for transmitting the SALUBRITY of our products.

The Campania Region through the Zooprofilatic Institute of the Mezzogiorno in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Federico II University of Naples has made available to the companies a highly qualified staff to evaluate and plan the best use Of this important tool.
Let's imagine, for example, that a person decides to buy bell products: - he goes into a shop and finds a White Cilento DOP pack on the counter; - it will be enough to point your cellphone on the product package, on which stands out a Bare-code form of the Campania Region and will display a screen describing the traceability of the product in question, the examinations made with respect to that element and a series of information Which serve to provide security with respect to the purchase.
We believe this is a good example to overcome diffused diffusion on the agro-food industry, recovering confidence based on official data, calming consumers, and restoring dignity to the land.



The latest creation of the chef of the Grand Hotel Cocumella di Sorrento, Carlo Matarese, who chose as the ingredient guest menu the whip of white figs of the Agricola Azienda Agricola Il Fico.
MONACO PROVOLE [semi-adjusted] / gr 300
PARMIGIANO REGGIANO [grated] / gr 100
BURRO / gr 50
Toasted rice adding chopped shallot; Wet it all with a little white wine and evaporate. Finally, add the vegetable broth and proceed with cooking the rice.
After ten minutes, add the zucchini matches that previously jumped to the butter, continuing cooking with the vegetable broth.
When you miss five minutes cooking the rice, add monk provolone fondue and zucchini flowers. Serve with butter and parmesan; Regular salt and pepper qb.
Use decorations, courgettes and white Cilento jams.
Enjoy your meal

The Farm The Pike next to Yakult for the Wellness Breakfast

The Azienda Agricola Il Fico is a technical sponsor of Yakult for the summer tour of the "Wellness Breakfast", the initiative signed by the same company producing the well-known probiotic drink to make people aware of a good breakfast practice.

Below are some interesting project-related figures: 9 national stages for as many regions of Italy, 27 days - from the beginning of July to the end of August - devoted entirely to wellness, more than 1800 breakfasts offered for a summer under the viver >> healthy.
It starts on July 4th and 6th from Lido Santa Caterina di Scalea (Cs) to end August 31 at San Benedetto del Tronto.
Traditionists by tradition, the Farm The Fico was chosen to accompany Yakult in this project with the aim of representing one of the key products of the Mediterranean Diet, the Bianco Cilento DOP
An opportunity that could not be given if not to the main producer of this gastronomic excellence that makes the Cilento unique and famous in the world.
The Ruocco Family, through the over 14 proposals that make up the range of products, intends to reaffirm its commitment to respect for nature and proper nutrition. Because, a healthy life begins with the kitchen!

From the Cilento coast to the Ligurian coast, the Bianco Fico del Cilento DOP arrives in Sanremo

The House of Sanremo 2014 presentation press conference will be held on Saturday 1 February at 10:30 am at the Chamber of Commerce in Salerno. In the presence of the highest office of CCIAA and the main newspapers and local television newspapers, Patron Vincenzo Russolillo of Gruppo Eventi, presented the team that, for the 8th edition, will take part in the most important collateral event of the Italian Song Festival. Agricola Il Fico is the technical sponsor of the event, which will take place in the City of Flowers from 16 to 22 February 2014. In addition to presenting, to an international parterre, one of the greatest excellence of the Province of Salerno and in particular of Cilento , The Ruocco family intends, through its presence at the 64th edition of the Sanremo Festival, to shine on its land and origins, offering journalists, singers and exceptional guests a chance to taste the Bianco Fico Cilento DOP, In its various dining choices, inside the lounge specially set up for the occasion.

The landlord of the food area Fofò Ferriere is ready to welcome in our "Dispensa Italiana" the products of our company to present them in the way they only know, to the starred chefs who will meet in the kitchen Palafiori.
Every morning, for the duration of the event, the Farm The Pike will be next to Yakult, to accommodate the lucky few who will have the chance to consume a fantastic breakfast of lactic ferments and fig jam.
If you are curious to know what happens between the festival tables, follow us on the and on our social channels.

The White Fig Tree of the Azienda Agricola The Fig Tree: a natural jewel of Barbara Guerra

It may well be the gastronomic symbol of the Cilento, to place the honor only the olive tree. Of both plants, the hills of Agropoli are nestled to the border with Basilicata. The landscape is completely full and if the fig trees do not reveal it immediately to the look it will be easy to find them, when the fruits are ripe in the late summer, we will find them following its sweet and intense smell. Stunning aroma reminds honey, acacia, fresh herbs.

There is no greater pleasure in staying in the warm hours of agostas under the shadow of a fig and eating its sweet, sweet and penile fruits. Throughout the Mediterranean there are many varieties of figs but in Cilento there is a variety considered to be valuable for drying and preserving.
Cilento's white fig with its high concentration of sugars, the soda and the compact pulp, the light and thin skin lends itself perfectly to being the protagonist of the winter and christmas tables, simply dry with or without peel, packaged in a way Traditional stuffed with walnut or apricot seeds or in contemporary variants that see it as the main ingredient of chocolate pralines.
We visit "Il Fico" the company of the Ruocco family in Agropoli, eight hundred plants watching the sea and enjoying its refreshing summer breezes. Since 2008 they directly transform the fruits produced with great care. Drying in the sun and a lot of attention in returning to the consumer the slightly sweet caramel, the right moisture that makes it pleasant to taste the compact and dark texture. The company follows the rigid production discipline of the DOP which ensures the production of figs in the Cilento territory and the use of only local ingredients. Various products all elegantly packaged in paper Fedrigoni obviously starts from the types of dried figs to the natural, chocolate coated and "packed" versions and packaged using broom branches.
In the range of products also some family recipes such as the Suprema (a roll of Cilento peppered pike dumplings, with hazelnuts, almonds, cinnamon and lemon zest) I would like to kiss the Cilento Kisses (pralines with almonds, almonds, Natural aromas covered with chocolate). The idea of ​​extending the period of consumption with products such as the Heart of Figs, a pastafrolla filled with jam or the fig 23 is a good idea for a distillate for which it takes twenty-three fruits to produce half a liter.
Particularly up-to-date the company as a whole with the short project to restructure a small, centuries-old masseria and make it a tasting room for visitors who are already copious in search of delicious figs.
Ancient fruit of poverty, a precious source of calories, was in the pockets of shepherds and peasants engaged in long days in the fields. They meet chocolate, and never separate them, coming to Cilento brought by allied troops on the coast of the Piana del Sele in the days following the legendary landing of September 8, 1943. It is impermissible the preparation that Giovanna Voria of the Corbella farm realizes by performing with Passion is a family recipe that sees the figs immersed in a chocolate sauce.
In recent years Cilento's white figs have also won pizzas and chefs. Franco Pepe uses the jam, in season fresh figs, for his pasta "mastunicola" with lard and Roman cones. Enzo Coccia combines them fresh with buffalo and mozzarella solo, Salvatore La Ragione, right-handed by Gennaro Esposito, used them just dried for a sautemian risotto at Capri's mom. Eboli's poppy has long been one of the most popular dishes, risotto with acorns and pistachios.
For Christmas and all winter we do not miss on our tables rich in taste and source of easily assimilable and natural sugars, maybe trying to propose them to children as snacks instead of industrial crap. My childhood was full of packaged strawberries flavored and even now they are the irreplaceable hunger breaks up to the beginning of spring.
The confectionery of the company The fig is well suited in combination with savory and full-bodied cheeses such as Cilento goat cheese or a more long-seasoned Parmesan cheese. The mustard will be a valid ally combined with boiled but vegetarians will find it brilliantly abundantly coated in hot toast with scumorza of smoked buffalo.
In Naples the products of the Agricola Il Fico can be found at Gran Gusto in via Marina.

Our Guest Company of Orto Reality

The Farm's Ruocco family The fig tree of Agropoli, host on Rai 2 of the fourth installment of Orto Reality. Inserted in the famous "Your Facts" transmission, the booklet masterfully conducted by Adriana Volpe and Luca Sardella brings to the homes of Italians the agricultural excellence of our land. The Bianco Fico del Cilento DOP, in fact, is a true source of pride for the region of origin and product sought after on the most important tables of the international gourmet panorama.

"Telling Italians one of the delicacies of our territory is an important occasion. The quality of figs in Italy and Europe is different but the White Pike can only be found in the Cilento, where the sea breeze caresses the green hills and the sun kisses the land "- says Guido Ruocco, director of the Farm the FIG. It concludes: "This delicate fruit, through a long family tradition dating back to the second half of the 19th century, is transformed into chocolate covered figs filled with almonds, walnuts and citrus peels, In mustard, jam and, last but not least, in distillate. "

You can see the stake dedicated to the Bianco Cilento DOP at the following link

The White Cilento Cilento landed on Rai 2

Among the most illustrious territorial excellence in southern Italy, the Bianco di Cilento DOP is able to arouse a strong interest in itself, so as to win a TV space. In fact, our precious product arrives on Rai 2 host of the broadcast "Your Facts" by Giancarlo Magalli, under the heading "Ortoreality" conducted by Adriana Volpe and Luca Sardella. During the special, we will talk about the origin of this typical fig tree of Cilentan territory, its use in the kitchen, as well as the various forms of transformation possible thanks to the wise hands of those who work this product with love and dedication for generations just like The Farm The Pike. Therefore, it is our honor to represent the Cilento and its typicalness while maintaining the banner of our own territorial identity. To learn more follow us on Thursday, October 17, starting at 12 noon on Rai 2.
Per scoprite di più sulle nostre produzioni e sull'agriturismo,  chiamate lo 0974 272032
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